Industrial Property Appraisals

Industrial Properties are among the most widely ranging property types within in the spectrum of real estate. The term Industrial may mean many different things to different people. The person owning a factory may see Industrial Property entirely different than the person owning and operating a Storage Warehouse or Copper Mine. Some would say that Industrial Property is best understood when it is viewed based upon the type of improvements found upon the land, rather than what it is actually used for. While there is truth in that statement, the definition may also be affected by the heavy duty nature of the processes employed at an Industrial property. Whatever the basis, we find a wide range of sub-types and uses found within the Industrial Property category. Regardless of the sub-type, we here at ELLIOTTĀ® have lots of experience with Industrial properties ranging from mines, to petrochemical plants to warehouses, in locations ranging from all across the United States to Mexico and Canada. Listed herein are a few of the Industrial evaluation specialties which we possess and have experience with evaluating.


Factory appraisal is the valuation of larger plants with complex processes to arrive at a value for properties such as furnture factory appraisal, automobile factory appraisal and others.

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Mill appraisal and valuation focuses on valuing steel mills, cotton mills, corn mills, and other single purpose facilities.

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Mine appraisal and valuation of mine properties can value both subsurface and surface mines and all mineral processing equipment.

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Industrial plant appraisal and valuation needs to be completed by a professional with experience valuing manufacturing facilities. An industrial plant appraiser with experience and history with such reports is crucial.

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Refinery appraisal and the valuation of refineries covers facilities that take raw materials and through the refining process convert them to finished products. Appraisals of refineries are completed by experts with experience in each type of facility.

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Warehouse appraisal and the valuation of warehouse facilities has changed over the last 10 years with online business creating a need for warehousing and storage facilities. Storage facility appraisal will look at square footage, inventory control equipment, location and capacity.

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